Organizational Development

“Keeping pace with change”

With our extensive knowledge and many years of experience, we help your organization evolve and rise to meet the challenges of the new world economy.
■? Process optimization
■? Restructuring
■? Realignment
■? International merger / cooperation

Organizational development means for us to support the development of your business within your strategic corridor. The focus of the guidance and support that we offer is to help improve the organizational and communicative processes in your company - from organizational structure to the optimization of existing processes and structures.

Our consulting typically includes:
■? Conducting benchmark analysis
■? Designing and conducting assessment centers
■? Defining and implementing key process indicators
■? Designing job descriptions and conducting job evaluations
■? Designing career models
■? Defining a management reserve
■? Designing and implementing change management processes
■? Designing and implementing evaluation methods especially for key personnel

The involvement of your employees in the change process is an important component of successful organizational development. As part of a restructuring, EunaCon HR Solutions & Services helps you to align your organization for the challenges of today and the challenges still ahead.

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